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Targeting the MLE

Who will we use the MLE on? Here's a list of candidates:

Etan Thomas: Worth the money it may take to pry him loose. Wiz can offer more dough, but the Celts can offer more years. Is he worth it? I don't know how to put a dollar amount on it, but I'm a big fan. He's a banger with energizer bunny batteries. He was stuck behind the anointed starter Kwame but mopped up on the nights Brown did his weekly vanishing act. Etan won't be a big scoring machine, but he'll fill up the stat sheet elsewhere. He'd also be a good tutor for the Kendrick and Al. Looking at what else is out there, I can see why he would be the Celtics top priority in the free agent market.

Antonio McDyss: Would he be a high flying finisher on the fast break that Danny envisions, or would he be this year's Raef Lafrentz? If he's signed, its a big gamble. Don't commit too many years Danny. This from the Globe: McDyess is coming off a serious knee issue (bone grafting was involved), and the Celts are not yet sold on his prognosis. McDyess reportedly wants a three-year deal.

Adonal Foyle: Totally underwhelmed by the prospect of him coming to the Celtics. Why? So he can teach our 2 all beef patties (Kendrick and Al) how to max out at 5.9 pts and 7 rebounds per? If you really need extra beef, fine, just don't offer him more than a mil a year.

Update: ESPN is reporting that Foyle will resign with Golden State. ...good!

Other Names

Keon Clark - Still has potential. Could be good for the running game.

Michael Doleac - Shooter. Kind of duplicates Raef.

Donnell Harvey - Fill up the roster kind of guy.

Here's a complete list of the FA's avaliable. I'll try to update this if I find more names that pop up on the rumor mill or make a little sense.

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