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Very Early Results

Summer League box scores from Orlando are now available from game 1.

Game 1 Box Score and Recap

As expected, Marcus Banks led the way and Perkins and Al Jefferson chipped in as well. Hopefully that trend will continue throught the summer. Only 8 minutes and no points from second rounder Justin Reed? If he can't improve on that, he's staring at a cut list. Mike Watson dropped in 16 with a couple of 3's but took 10 shots to do it.

In other news, a guy Ainge coveted, Dorrell Wright, dropped 30 points on the Wizards. Of course, nobody else on his team scored and the Wiz blew them out, but its worth noting. I like the kid, and I think he'll do fine. But it is important to temper excitement in the summer leagues. Kedrick Brown lit up the league last year too. (see, you thought I was gonna bring up Joe Forte again, didn't ya)

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