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Not Trading Pierce, Blount Still An Option

I don't want to say "I told you so," but...

"I don't like to comment on trade rumors, but I want to put an end to speculation about Paul Pierce," said Ainge. "I have absolutely no intention of trading Paul Pierce. I believe we have two special pieces, in Doc and Paul. I want to see them grow together. I believe that relationship will help make the Celtics an exciting and competitive franchise in the future." - Boston Globe

In other news, don't get your hopes up too high on Mark Blount negotiating with the Celtics. He's clearly using us to drive up the bidding. Philly has offered him the full mid-level, but he's still likely trying to see what Miami would be willing to pay. Apparently the Heat were hoping to use their mid-level exception to sign both Blount and Rafer Alston, but Alston just signed with the Raptors. We'll see if that causes the Heat to up the ante for Blount. My guess is that he teams with old friend O'Brien in Philly. The money is going to be about the same wherever he goes, so he might as well go where he's loved.

Update: Apparently Blount will get a mid-level offer from the World Champion Pistons.

Finally, there's a nice story on Kendrick Perkins who apparently is as much of a mystery to Doc Rivers as he is to the rest of us.

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