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Blount Deal Coming Today

Mark Bartelstein, the agent for free agent Mark Blount, won't say which team is the favorite to sign his client. The Sixers have made him an offer and are considered a leading contender along with Boston. Bartelstein said he is talking to a number of other teams about Blount. "We hope to get this done in the next few days," Bartelstein said. - Philadelphia Inquirer

Starting to sound like it is between the Sixers and the Celtics. As I said, he's obviously looking to drum up more money somehow, but if it comes down to the C's and Sixers, if the offers are equal, then there's no chance he'll be a Celtic next year. On the other hand, the C's did say yesterday that if they resigned Blount, they would still be able to use the Mid Level Exception on a free agent. Can Danny and Mark mend thier differences? Can Mark spurn his mentor? Can Mark pass up the marketing potential of selling "Philly Blount" tee shirts? Stay tuned tomorrow for more adventures and thrilling updates.

Early Update: Chad Ford is saying that Blount has 4 serious offers on the table and will make his decision today.

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