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McDyess Up Next

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The good news is that we finally have confirmation that the Celtics are not done in free agency. As I had mentioned in earlier posts, our next free agent target is Antonio McDyess, according to the Herald.

This from (Arizona Newspaper):

McDyess is testing the free-agent waters and has received interest from four or five teams. The Detroit Pistons seem to be hot on McDyess' heels and the two parties have met during the last week to discuss a contract.

While knee injuries have limited McDyess in recent years, his numbers improved considerably over the last month of the season when he was finally able to get more consistent playing time. McDyess averaged almost nine points and nine rebounds a game during the month of April and showed flashes of being able to fill the center spot. Those numbers might not blow anyone away, but they are better than anyone currently on the roster or anybody who the Suns can afford on through free agency.

So clearly the knee scares everyone, but its just as clear that McDyess has real interest around the league.

In other news, the surprise name of the week is Eric Williams. Could the old man return and be that locker room leader that we missed last year? I would bet that our interest in him is at least partly due to with conversations Danny has had with Mark Blount. I wouldn't mind seeing the guy come off the bench for us when needed, but I don't think any of us wants to see him and McCarty back in the starting lineup. If that happens, all that Danny has done is a failure.

Etan's name has all but disappeared from the radar as the Wizards have expressed interest in matching any offer for him.

One interesting question that could come of this (that I haven't sen answered yet) is how it effects the Chris Mihm situation. We have a qualifying offer to him, so we can match any deal he gets. But will we still need to if we have Blount? I think we would like to have him, but if a team offers more than he's worth, we may back down. The Miami Heat, having lost out on Blount (and Rafer Alston) are apparently interested in Mihm.

More updates as they become available.

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