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Orlando Summer League Wrap-Up

The first week of Summer League is in the books. On all accounts it was a positive week for several Celtics players. Tony Allen (13.4) and Al Jefferson (13.0) finished as the 3rd and 4th leading scorers. Jefferson and Perkins got the 2nd and 3rd most blocks (2.6 & 2.2). Jefferson got the 2nd most rebounds (8.4). Banks led the league in steals with 3 a game (Allen got 2.2, good for 4th).

I'm not sure if they will do 1st and 2nd All-League teams like they have done for the Boston League in the past, but you can bet Allen and Jefferson would be on the first or second team. West showed some promise while learning the point (most assists on the team). Perkins, despite some nagging injuries, showed the coaches some good things, including a knack for passing. Even Ernest Brown showed the coaches some promise.

On the downside, Banks was very inconsistent, piling up turnovers and not generating many assists. He held his own in scoring, but I'm sure that's not what the staff was looking for in these games. Also, Justin Reed didn't show enough to get many people's attention. Depending on what roster moves Danny makes, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't make the cut following training camp. Then again, there is still time. Its way too early to make any judgments on any of these guys.

Now its on to the hometown of Marcus Banks. VEGAS BABY, VEGAS!!!

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