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Sign & Trade - The Latest Wave

Now that the big money has been mostly wasted on guys like Foyle and Turkoglu, the majority of teams have only their Mid-Level Exceptions left. Furthermore, teams can sign their own free agents for more money than other teams can. Agents want to maximize their client's earnings while often times needing a change of scenery. So what is the answer? Sign and trade.

Already I’ve read reports of sign and trade possibilities for Kenyon Martin (getting the max – seems like too much to me), Eric Williams (the opposite end of the spectrum), and Steven Jackson (done deal – Al Harrington going to the Hawks). Who’s next? Or more importantly, who could the Celtics get?

I’d imagine Eric Williams is a backup plan. They are already leaking that news to the media, who love Eric like a big, horse-jawed, favorite uncle in Boston. Great PR move. If they can’t get the guys they really like, this move would appease many and save money to boot. The guys they are really after are McDyess (as is being reported every day) and Etan Thomas. News on Etan has quieted lately, and there is a rumor that the Bucks have offered him a 6 year deal for the full MLE and the Wizards won’t match. This isn’t a rumor, but what if the Celtics asked the Wizards to sign him and trade him to us? What would they want in return? Maybe Mihm? Can you do a double sign and trade? Can I get a ruling on this? Clearly I don’t have any concrete idea of what we could do, and perhaps I’m just hoping because Etan is my favorite target. But I don’t think you can totally rule him out.

Lets see some of these movable pieces moved for someone valuable.

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