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How's That Limp?

Buried in a column in the Herald a few weeks back was this doozy:

Celtics center Raef LaFrentz has been pointing to July, and possibly summer league competition, as his return to the floor following knee surgery last season.

He's been working out diligently with the Celtics staff as well. But LaFrentz is said to still be favoring the knee, with a fairly pronounced limp accentuating the point.

Just as the team became resigned to former Celtic Tony Battie's struggle with knee pain, they may be facing a similar problem with LaFrentz.

I only bring this up now because we are into the July months, we haven't heard any word on the Raef injury front, and he hasn't shown up on the Summer League roster (hinted at in the above quote). There is also an increasing amount of internet chatter from guys who know someone who know someone's doctor that is Raef's roomate's cousin (or something like that). Word is that his progress is slower than had been hoped and he might never be 100% again. Please understand, I have NO CONFIRMED SOURCE on this information. Just passing along a rumor. Hopefully someone in the media will update this issue for us shortly.

This could be a heavy body blow to our season if we can't rely on Raef. Our starting center position is filled by Blount, but we're still without a legitimate power forward over the age of 19. I'll update if I hear anything else.

UPDATE: Wyc Grousbeck was on WEEI today, and claims that Raef is 100%, running full speed with the same lateral movement as pre-injury.

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