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McDyess Still a Possibility - Dampier Next? - Celtics: C's may not get McDyess

The Celtics are apparently still in the running for McDyess, but still want to schedule that physical. And in other news:

If McDyess is indeed gone, the C's will turn their free agent attention to Eric Williams and Rodney Rogers. Neither will be attracting the same dollars as McDyess.

In terms of restricted free agents, the Celts have reportedly put in calls to Golden State about Erick Dampier but have not yet heard back. To pay Dampier the kind of money he'll want will require a sign-and-trade deal, but new Warrior general manager Chris Mullin has not indicated what it might take from the Celtics.

Then again, the lack of discussion between the two clubs might mean the C's don't have what Golden State would like.

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