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Mihm may draw offers from Lakers, Hawks - Celtics: Center of attention: Mihm may draw offers from Lakers, Hawks

This report says that he'll get offers for the full mid level exception and that the Celtics will likely match to keep him. But that is typically going to be the company line. If someone wants him badly enough, we'll say we're going to match their offer, so they will have to offer us something in a sign-and-trade to get him. If we do match or work out a trade where we take on that amount of money, it might push us right up to the luxury tax threshold. I would be shocked if the C's went over that threshold after all the work they've done to get under it.

In other news, Eric Williams is being shopped in a sign-and-trade senarios. No team was mentioned as a trading partner, but the Celtics were mentioned as interested in Eric this week. Perhaps Ainge is looking to swap out some of his players to sign Eric. Hard to tell who the Cavs would want. They already dumped Jumaine Jones on us, do they want Walter McCarty? How odd would that be? Its probably unrelated, but Dajuan Wagner is on the block in Cleveland as well.

It will take a while for the free agents to sign their contracts, buy their new set of rims, order some Krystal, and make an announcement. Also, the salary cap announcement is holding things up, but we should hear word any hour now on all the signings becoming official.

Update: Late last night, the Clips sent Melvin Ely and Eddie House to the Bobcats for future 2nd rounders. Looks like they are clearing room for a run at Kobe. Too bad the C's couldn't get in on that action, we could have used one of LA's overrun of power forwards.

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