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EWill for Atkins?

From the

"With McDyess gone, Ainge is more focused on free agent Eric Williams, who might be best attracted in a sign-and-trade deal with Cleveland."

From the Beacon Journal:

The Cavaliers are also deep in trade talks around the league. One source said the team was in talks with the Celtics for a sign-and-trade deal with Eric Williams for point guard Chuck Atkins, but nothing is imminent.

``We're still talking to a lot of teams but we're not close to anything,'' said Williams' agent, Mark Bartelstein.

So, we don't need Chuck (sic) Atkins anymore huh?  I guess West is a better option at point than we thought.  Perhaps Operation Banks is ready for prime time.  I'm skeptical, but ok.


I am not a huge Eric Williams fan, but I will admit that he seemed to have a positive influence on the locker room.  My only fear is that Doc falls in love with his personality and starts him (as O'Brien did).  I just think Eric would be a perfect calming influence with the second unit.  Kind of a coach on the floor.  Just don't make him the starter.


Also, if this is a sign-and-trade deal, that leaves the door open for using the MLE elsewhere.  I don't know where, the better free agents (ones I would think we're willing to spend the full MLE on) seem to be dropping by the day.  Maybe he's looking at a point guard (Sura?).  There isn't a lot of sense in splitting it between two lesser free agents, because we already have a crowded roster as it is.


It seems Danny had a number of options that did not pan out in the last half month.  One can only hope that his contingency plans are not panic moves (like Pitino).  Bill Simmons characterizes him as an itchy trigger-finger kind of guy.  That might be true, but compare him with Zeke in New York for a minute (this could be a whole other column).  Zeke seems to make deals with no thought for tomorrow.  At least Danny is  thinking of the future.  Hopefully that future won't take too long to get here.

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