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More Summer League Impressions

Ok, I'm going to cut right to the chase. You know the drill.

(Official Disclaimer: These are only my impressions from the first 3 quarters. It was a long day, cut me some slack


I might have been wrong on West. I thought maybe he was just an executioner of a system. Potentially, a robot type player, who had a certain set of fundamentals drilled into his head and it may take a while to deprogram him. In a  sea of chaos that is summer league play, he was playing as if working off a script of plays. I think I might have been wrong in my initial impression: He's not a robot.


He just does what he does: He excutes. It's just fundamentals showing themselves. He's got flashes of street in there at times, but he appears to be mostly a coaches dream. A guy who does things the right way, every play. When I realized it was this I was kinda ashamed that I didn't spot it right the first time.


Banks: He made more of an impression on me that he's going to stick. He's going to continue to have his bumps. That famous roller coaster we go through every game wondering if he's going to get more consistant, in terms of good games vs disappearing, will continue this year. Let's hope it gets better by All-Star break. I think he'll need until then to really settle down enough for it to be a truly noticable change. Here's hoping I'm wrong on that though.


Al Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins both continued on their rocky road of development. Both showed flashes of brilliance and on the next trip down the floor, show thier youth and need for development and polishing of thier games. Both are trying hard and both are ahead of what I think are projected schedules.


Perkins has that nice running hook coming across the paint from the right. He's also got a propensity to paratroop too much. He's got a good first step though, when he stays under control. Lots more time to really see him blossom and it won't be this year, but we'll get a peak.


I believe from what I've seen thus far out of Perkins, is that there should really be no reason to not be able to get him 10 minutes a game. He can handle that much and still provide the team no seriously exploitable weakness while on the floor.


Jefferson should be in the same playing position, which really isn't something I was expecting out of him this year. Trying to have faith in the thought that a High School Kid would be able to come in and be ready to play 10/per, without an worry that it will hurt the teams chances to win? I'm optimistic, but wasn't that optimistic. I'll admit it, he can handle at least 10 per game. Don't jump the gun on him, but methinks shades of something special. 


Allen might as well be written into our roster with pen, right now. Energy dynamo, who plays defense and likes to fly the freindly skies? Sign me up. He's got a decent shot and legit 3 pt range. Hustles and is a ball hawk. How did this guy end up being picked late in the first round?


Ricky Davis fans: Watch this guy, you'll love him.


Update: Al Jefferson had another strong outing last night.

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