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Same Old News / Sports / Basketball / Golden contract for this Nugget:

"With Foyle rejoining Golden State, Antonio McDyess signing with Detroit, and Etan Thomas leaning toward Milwaukee, the Celtics have had to redirect their free agent search. Add the names of former Celtics Rodney Rogers and Eric Williams to the list of possibilities, but don't expect any long-term contracts offered to anyone, particularly big men. Ainge doesn't want to push rookie Al Jefferson and second-year player Kendrick Perkins down the depth chart. 'We think they're closer to playing than five or six years,' said Ainge. 'We've got two 19-year-olds that we think will contribute a little bit this year and contribute something more significant next year. How much? Nobody knows that. We just don't want to get them buried. We don't want our second baseman and shortstop in Triple A to be buried."

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