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Numbers Game - Celtics: C's fall short in Vegas finale:

"``We have a logjam on the perimeter,'' he said, ``so I have to try to do something to alleviate that. If I can trade small for big, that could help us. But a logjam's not all bad. We should have some good competition, and that should help us.''

The Celts are still looking at a move to bring back Eric Williams and Rodney Rogers, but Williams is currently after a longer term deal than the club is willing to go."

If you are still looking for power forward options, The Morning Journal breaks down the field of remaining free agent and tradeable 4's around the league, with an eye toward who the Cavs will pursue to replace Carlos Boozer. Apparently Tony Battie isn't going to be enough.

Also see some good wrap ups of the summer league action from the Herald and Globe.  Sadly, this means no basketball till training camp.

Some info that should temper everyone's enthusiasm for Tony Allen just a bit - he still needs to work on that outside shot:

Allen's career path will be determined by how quickly he develops a reliable jumper from 18-20 feet.

``Tony Allen is a good NBA player right now with all the skills he has, but he can be a star if he gets an outside shot,'' Ainge said. ``He's good enough to earn minutes now, but with an outside shot he's a major player in this league because of the defense and (driving) game he already has.''

Update: Al Jefferson made a great impression on Chad Ford who said that he could get a starting spot and a real run at the Rookie of the Year award. He also called the Celtics a "mess" and put them in the category of teams that could be in the playoffs just because the East is so weak past the Pistons, Pacers, and Heat.

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