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Could We Get Rahim?

Still not really clear on Portland's plans.  They wanted to "clean house" and they did, sort of.  Wallace and Bonzi left the building, but Patterson and Stodamire remain.  And now they've added Van Exel to the mix?  Damon and Van Exel will come off the books after this year, and either could be trade bait by mid-season.


There is also a rumor (that surprises nobody) that they are looking to trade Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

"it just might be best for the Trail Blazers to exchange Shareef for a player at another position, specifically a guard, but we haven't been able to determine an opportunity we like."

Maybe we can help.  In the past, I've dismissed the potential for Davis being packaged due to a large sign hanging around his neck with the words "attitude problem" painted on them (in Peter May's handwriting).  But given the Van Exel deal, you never know.


Would Davis, Mihm (to fill their backup center void), and Yogi (to give them an expiring contract) do the trick?  This is not a rumor, its not even an original idea, but its worth mentioning.

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