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Fat Kedrick Reunited With O'Brien

Cavs traded Olie and Kedrick Brown for Eric Snow


Great trade for the Cavs, they get a vet PG who's first, second, and third instinct is to pass.  O'Brien gets reunited with Kedrick Brown who has gotten progressively fatter each offseason.  This year he's added 20 pounds to his arsenal and he still looks lost out there.

"Kedrick is a developing young player who will add more depth to our bench."

(Insert your own joke here)

Moving on, I would say this slams the door on the rumored Eric Williams for Chucky Atkins deal.

Update: The domino's are starting to fall now.  Van Exel to the Blazers for Davis and Dickau.  Their power forward slot is still crowded with Zach Randolf, Rahim, and Miles (if resigned).  But now they only have injury-prone Ratliff, Vladimir Stepania, and rookie Ha Seung-Jin at the center spot.  I wonder if they'd be interested in Mihm.

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