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Mihm Trades Being Discussed / Sports / Basketball / Celtics / Will point get across?:

"Chris Mihm remains unsigned as a restricted free agent but the Celtics are pursuing sign-and-trade possibilities, according to a team source. The Lakers, Hawks, and Magic reportedly are interested in the center's services."

Sounding more and more like Mihm won't be back and the trade that we're all anticipating will involve him signing and moving to another team. Might be a good opportunity to throw in some extra bodies in exchange for a solid vet to shorten up our roster.


Also, I can't publish insider info directly, but I can tell you the Celtics aren't even being mentioned as suitors for Chad Ford's top ten free agents (see right sidebar).  However, I would keep my eye on the "best of the rest" free agents, which include Eric Williams, Keon Clark, Jon Barry, Rodney White, Medvedenko, Kukoc, Sura, Fizer, Mercer, Przybilla, Dooling, and Rebraca. I don't know that any of these players are worth over-paying for. Few deserve the full mid-level. However, as the offseason wears on, and options close up for these guys, their asking prices may come down.


Restricted free agents include our own Chris Mihm, Mo Pete, DeShawn Stevenson, Tsakalidis, and Courtney Alexander.  None would be easy to aquire, but sign-and-trade is always a possibility.  He also mentions a number of International free agents, but I think the best one just signed with Chicago and others have big buyouts that are prohibitive.

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