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Malik Rose?

From David Aldridge's Chat:

Bill, Syracuse, New York: David, what do you think the Celts will do with their 15 guaranteed contracts?

David Aldridge: They'd like to package a couple of them (Jumaine Jones and Yogi Stewart, to name two) for some help up front. They tried very hard to get Malik Rose, for example, but he may not be moved after all.

Rose is due over $25M over the next 4 seasons.  Seems a bit pricy to me for these stats.  I don't know how I would feel about paying him $7M in 2008. 

Looks like it won't happen, but I have to wonder what Danny sees in this guy.  He went after him last year as well.

In other news, there was a Casey Jacobson rumor on the Suns board at ESPN, but I can't give you a better link than that. Read for yourself if you like. I am skeptical and not very excited by it.

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