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Offseason Ranking = 15

David Aldridge ranks us right in the middle of the pack for offseason performance thus far.

The last time Boston had three first-round picks, the Celtics chose Joe Johnson, Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte. Um, that didn't turn out good. The C's tried to move into the top 10 in the draft, but wound up with high schooler Al Jefferson at 15 and are delighted. They may also have gotten a steal at 24 in Allen, whose presence makes me wonder about Paul Pierce's long-term future in Beantown. I know Danny Ainge says he's not going to move Pierce, and that may be true. Today. Re-signing Mark Blount was important. He's not a great player, but after taking a blowtorch to the roster last season, Ainge needed stability. He'll also need a big season next year from Raef LaFrentz, who missed the second half of last season, and increased development from Marcus Banks and Kendrick Perkins. I don't think John Carroll did a bad job as interim coach after Jim O'Brien resigned, but Ainge obviously has a better comfort level with Doc Rivers. Their relationship is crucial to the Celtics' chances of a rebound. Neither had a strong bond with their former counterparts (Ainge with O'Brien; Rivers with John Gabriel); they have to be on the same page now. Rivers is a great salesman; his lobbying was a key factor in Blount's decision to stay. Doc did a strong job early in his Orlando tenure with a team of no-names. Other than Pierce, he's going to have the same kind of group in Boston.

As the ever-eloquent Homer Simpson might say... "BOOOOOOOOORRRRRINNNNNNNGGGGG"

Personally I think that Danny is just waiting for the Red Sox to make a move. Then he can make a deal without much fanfare or scrutiny. Well, you KNOW that I'll scrutinize him. Just as you know that 90% of Boston is more concerned with the Red Sox backup shortstop position than they are with the Celtics starting point gaurd position. Thankfully, there are other blogs like to help keep us up to date on the other sports in Beantown.

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