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Here is a fan's take on our current situation and some trade ideas (not rumors).  I'm not crazy about his ideas, but he does provide his reasoning, and at least he's trying.  I'm not big on proposing crazy trades myself.  Just makes you look foolish for not considering some factor that makes the deal impossible.  But it doesn't stop me from playing on the RealGM trade checker to kill time.

The Celtics Beat Writer Contest winner (I was robbed) had an article published by the Celtics Beat e-newsletter.  Not bad, but he kinda gets a little nutty when he starts talking about bringing the numbers out of the rafters.  I like Blount just fine, but the thought of him wearing #6 is enough to give me a nervous tick.

The Celts have put up highlights of Al Jefferson.  Very nice.  I especially like that he has the patience to pass out of the post if a better option is available, or if he needs to make better space.  And that's not to say he's timid.  Anything but.  I'm trying to think of a better way to say "he attacks the rim" because that's so cliche.  I would say that he focuses on the goal, and does what he needs to get past whatever obstacle is in his way.  I'm sure he'll have rookie struggles, but this guy is going to be a presence on the block.  Imagine that, a real post player in green!  Its going to be fun watching him and Kendrick develop.

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