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Quick Look Around

Briefly around the league: Shareef is absolutely itching to get out of Portland, and potential landing places are starting to dry up. The Nets deal is off, Seattle got Fortson, and few other teams are eager to pay his max deal, even for one year. Stromile Swift is still on the market as well. Will the C's make a play for either one? Or are they happy enough with Al Jefferson to roll the dice with him? Also, I'm starting to read Eric Williams' name next to every other team in the league. He may have moved on from Boston for good. Sorry Shira.

Crawford to the Knicks could happen soon. Which may or may not open things up a little in the trade market. Dallas still seems to be making noise about Vince Carter, I'm starting to think that it could happen. Cuban likes his toys, and Vince is a shiney (if fragile) piece to add to a nice collection.

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