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Tradition vs Changing with the Times?

This is one of the questions that divides the Celtic Nation: Should we keep up with the Jones' or do we remain steadfast in our approach to preserving Celtic tradition?

Let's take 2 hotspots that seem to be frequently discussed: Cheerleaders and Uniforms.

The New ownership consented to a trial run last season with Celtic Cheerleaders at the Fleet. The cheerleaders were met with mixed reviews, but it seems like that won't deter them from moving forward with introducing the new entertainment option as a regular fixture. Indications are that Cheerleaders will be in place for thier full inagural season when the '04-'05 season tips off.

Uniforms, to my knowledge have only undergone one serious change in our history. The Shamrock that the Bill Russell and those before him wore, were replaced with the current "Celtics" set up. Since then, only fabrics used and short lengths (thank god they've gotten longer) have been the real changes that the Boston Celtics uniforms have seen.

The question is: "Is changing our history and tradition a good thing?" Can it be done and still retain the mystique that this great franchise has?

In general, I can't think of a Celtics issue that gets people riled up over more, when it comes to things so seemingly simple.

Many traditionalists scoff at the introduction of cheerleaders and the only fan discussed issue of changing the uniforms ( I phrase it that way so that no one thinks there's any official rumor that unis are undergoing changes. We like to be responsible here). There's simply no need, in thier opinion. Cheerleaders shouldn't be the reason that fans come to watch the Celtics and with the Mecca gone (Boston Garden), the Uniforms are one of the fine symbols of Celtics Tradition left that are obvious to everyone.

Those who yearn for some change, will argue that the look of the Celtics is old and stale and not in touch with the new generations of fans. Often pointing out that the Celtics don't even have the randomly used, road alternate uniforms. Cheerleaders wouldn't be the reason that they came to games, but lets face it: The male contingent of Celtic fans don't seem to be all that opposed to having something pleasant to look at during game breaks (Even if thier wives are). The leprechaun's nice and all, but gets old quick, according to some that I've talked to.

So, there are some of the points to think about, with probably dozens I don't have time to address on both sides of the issue. The question is: What does the Celtic Nation think? Are we really as divided on this issue as it seems? Which side are you on?

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