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So Who's Team USA's Scapegoat this Time?

"In a "Friendly", as soccer fans would call it, Team USA Basketball got beat By Team Italy".


Wait,.. Cut! Let me start over.

"In pre-Olympic competition play, Team USA got smoked by Team Italy today by 17 points". Ok, now I feel better and more honest about the situation.

So, that said, who's this installments scapegoat? Who's falling on thier sword, either voluntarily or like in the case of Paul Pierce's experience with Team USA, involuntarily?

I mean after all, there are no reasonable answers for "the Dream Team" losing to another country, right? There has to be one bad apple that's responsible. After all, the playing field couldn't possibly be getting more competitive. Could it?

Somewhere right now, Paul Pierce is quietly mourning the loss of his country's team. Somewhere else, his agent is smiling his butt off, knowing they're going to get back all the deals and sponsors who fled in droves after the last set of games and the unfair publicity that came thier way concerning Paul's supposed role in the unpleasant outcome.

Oh, wait. I'm not being fair? This was only a freindly and not everyone played, right? Sure, but this team was supposed to be the one that they carefully assembled so the failure that came last time couldn't possibly repeat themselves. USA basketball couldn't be tarnished again.

Well, let's see: 3 of those who were to be the resurectors of the faith were suspended for showing up late for an important team function. Let's not ignore the fact that one of the team's co-captains was one of those suspended.

But, it can't be Team USA's faults, so pick up the phone, call George Karl and figure out a plan to pin this one on Pierce as well. After all, someone's got to take the fall, it can't be Team USA.

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