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Walker To The Hawks

Peter Vescey is reporting that Walker will be traded to the Hawks.

Yes, I know its Vescey, so you have to take anything he writes with a grain of salt the size of Gibraltar, but nothing else is going on so its as good a thing to talk about as any.

Deal makes some sense for the Mavs. They get Terry, who can fill it up and pretend to play point guard. Looking at his stats, I'm a little surprised that he has as many assists as he does. So maybe they are getting a real good deal here. Henderson is an expiring salary that Cuban can shop at the deadline.

Why the Hawks are interested in Walker I'm not prepared to understand because I haven't the foggiest idea what Atlanta is doing. But more power to them.

Update: Well, I guess Marc Stein is a little more reliable than Vescey. He must have stumbled upon a real source this time. If I'm gonna rip him, I better also give props when deserved. Nice job Peter.

Chad Ford chimes in on the deal, saying that this means the Kidd to Dallas rumors are officially put to rest. On the other hand, Stien mentioned that they might consider him again later in the season if he proves he's healthy. Either way, Dallas now will have Henderson and Laettner to offer as expiring salaries at the deadline. The thinking on the Hawks side? Walker is in a contract year (blah blah blah), so maybe that's worth something. Dealing Terry unloads his long term deal, so they get more cap flexibility next year. So they could have room to offer close to the max to someone next summer.

In other news, if Zeke gets his boy Crawford in the Chicago trade, he'll apparently have to give up hopes of landing Dampier (no longer will have the pieces for a sign-and-trade with Golden State). Eddie Curry could be headed to Memphis. Richard Jefferson is going to get an extension.

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