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Catching Up

I was gone this weekend, so I just now found this little blurb from Peter May (Sunday's Globe):

League moles say Danny Ainge was also inquiring about Rebraca, the former Pistons center, which may lend further credence to the argument that Chris Mihm's days in Boston are numbered. Then again, big men in basketball are like pitchers in baseball

Also, he gave this bit on Blount's contract:

Mark Blount's new deal with the Celtics is not as flush as originally thought. According to recent information from league sources, Blount's contract is for six years and $38.6 million and starts at roughly $4.9 million. Blount has a clause to opt out of the deal prior to the final year, 2009-10, in which he's slated to earn roughly $7.96 million

Update: In other news, Shira Springer was on CN8 recently talking about the Celtics and reporting that Raef LaFrentz is healthy and ready to go. If so, that's a real plus in our lineup.

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