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Sleeping With The Enemy?

Got a trade rumor for ya. My BS radar is up on this one, because the only source is a guy on a Laker message board who says he has an inside source in the Celtic organization. But once again, since its been slow, I'll run with anything right about now. Here's the rumor:

Marcus Banks, Chucky Atkins, Chris Mihm, player-to-be-named

- for -

Gary Payton and Rick Fox

My initial thought is, "no." And I haven't changed that thought yet. If I had any faith that Payton was any bit of his old self, and that it was the triangle that was slowing him down, then I'd consider it. However, anyone that saw Billups blow by Payton in the Finals like he was standing still saw all you needed to know about "the Glove." Do we really need a salary/roster dump this bad? Also, even if Banks isn't the long term answer at point guard, I hardly see how Payton fits Danny and Doc's up-tempo gameplan. I don't see how this works and the fact that we are even talking about it seems to be an indication of how bored we are with the offseason.

What are your thoughts?

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