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Gary Payton to Boston After All?

Hoopshype is reporting that a trade could be made between the Celtics and Lakers, though it is much simpler than the one previously rumored. Here it is:

Lakers could trade Gary Payton to Boston in a deal that would send Chris Mihm and Chucky Atkins to L.A., one source told "Celtics and Lakers are currently working out the throw-ins so that the deal works," according to the source.

This trade I like. Payton is better than Chucky and Mihm is not really that necessary with all the bigs we have (provided Raef is healthy). Even if Payton doesn't work out well, we would be out of his contract at the end of the year.

I didn't like the idea of giving up Banks and other young players to acquire Payton, but I like it if its just Chucky and Mihm. Payton has been known to be a hothead, but he's only ticked when he's in the triangle offense, ...or when Karl is the coach, ...or when he's having a bad hair day, ...or when he's having a no-hair day, yeah, he could be another potential headache (him and Ricky in the same locker room would at least be entertaining), but he's already forgotten more about point guarding than Chucky and Marcus know combined.

The key for me right now is that Marcus is not included in the deal. The linked rumor doesn't tell us much. I don't know that the salaries would match up. It obviously depends on what Mihm would get. Gary makes $5.4M, Atkins makes $4.2M and Mihm could go for around the mid level ($5M). Someone on the Lakers side would have to be thrown in. Is it Fox ($4.9M)? If you stop there, that works for me. Fox would be another Yogi Stewart who would spend the season on the injured list and be shopped at the deadline. The only thing that worries me is that it sounds a little too much like the deal mentioned before where we include Banks. Hopefully Danny won't agree to that.

Update: Latest reports have the deal as Payton, Fox, 1st round pick (lottery protected?), and cash for Banks, Atkins, Mihm, and 2nd round pick.

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