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Next To Go?

With 3 expiring contracts and other tradable assets, it is clear that Danny is not done dealing yet. What isn't clear is every other question that follows that. Who are we targeting? Who are we offering? When would a deal happen? Outside of Danny Ainge, nobody can be sure, but I'll offer my best guesses:

Who are we targeting?

We should all know by now that Shareef Abdur-Rahim is high on Danny's list. But if he's been after him for so long, then obviously we haven't had what Portland wants. Has that changed now with the latest trade? Beyond Shareef, we could be considering Stromile Swift at PF. Or perhaps another PG to backup Payton in case West isn't ready yet (or in case Payton doesn't work out).

Who are we offering?

This is a lot easier. Davis for one. He's talented and has a very reasonable contract. Jiri and Allen may be good enough to make Davis expendable. Next are the expiring contracts. I think they truely want to give Payton a shot to return to his former greatness and perhaps resign him for a few more years. Otherwise, he and Rick Fox and Yogi Stewart are all valuable bait. Jumaine Jones and Walter McCarty are easy throw-in candidates to make salaries work out. Raef would likely be offered to anyone willing to take on his long-term contract, but I am one that believes he could be a real good asset to this team this year (just an overpaid one).

When would a deal happen?

Considering that we just aquired Rick Fox, we can't package him for another 60 days from the trade date. So if its a package of Davis, Yogi, and filler, it could happen any time. If it is Fox, Yogi, and anything else, then you are looking at a 2 month waiting period before it can get done. A lot can happen in 2 months so who knows what's going to happen there.

There would seem to be a really good chance that nothing happens till mid season. By then, more teams will be desperate for cap relief and we'll have paid the bulk of the players' salaries. Plus we'll have more of a chance answer some questions about our players by showcasing them. People will want to know, "can Davis stay out of trouble?" and "Is Raef fully recovered?" and "is Payton really washed up?"

We'll have our own questions that will be better answered during the season as well. Things like "is Jiri ready for a full time gig?" and "how are the rookies progressing?"

As usual, I have more questions than answers, but I'll keep asking them, and I'll try to bring you the answers as I find them.

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