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Doc Likes To Blog Too

This is making its way around internet message boards, and its old news, but quite relevant now. Doc had a Blog of his own that he ran while working for ABC during the playoffs. A couple of good bits: (by the way Doc, that 'fro is tight!)

Gary Payton

I may be in the minority on this one, but I have no doubt that Gary Payton is still a fantastic player. It's a great example of a guy who's played a certain way his whole career and has had offenses designed to fit around him and then go to a different system that he's not the focal point, how difficult that adjustment is.

People ask, "Well, why isn't it tough for Karl Malone?" Malone has always been a post player, he's always played at the elbow and he's always been a passer. Payton never was and never will be. It's not that Payton can't play, it's evident that he can't play well in this offense. But don't get the two mixed up.

I hear people say Payton is done, he can't play any more. I'm in the minority, I disagree. I think Gary Payton, you put him on another team -- like the Pistons -- where the point guard handles the ball, he could play. But the focal points with the Lakers are in a different place and for Payton it's been very difficult and that's what you see.

NCAA Final Four

Everyone is picking UConn and I'm a big Jim Calhoun fan. I guess Duke's the other story. So, I'm going to go with the long shot Oklahoma State. One thing, and here's something to look at come draft time. Watch for Tony Allen.

Some colleges do well in the NBA, in terms of their players. In this case it's not the college, it's the players who have played for Eddie Sutton. If you look back on those players who have played for Eddie Sutton, they're the exact same type of player. Sidney Moncrief, then go to Darrell Walker. Then go to Alvin Robertson. You can go to Desmond Mason. And now go to Tony Allen. They're the same-type of player and they all play for Eddie Sutton.

They all have the same traits and that's because they played for Eddie Sutton. They're tough-minded, defensive-minded, team players and great rebounders for their size. And they all struggled early on in their careers with their shots and they all seemed to get it. They're just solid players.

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