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Goodwin Forktongue

This is from Frank Hughes at ESPN:

So take a look at these two quotes. The first is about Gary Payton after he was unceremoniously traded from Los Angeles to Boston.

"He could have been a free agent earlier this summer, but he made a commitment to the Lakers, and I feel that the Lakers should have made a commitment to him, and they didn't. That, to me, is wrong."

The second quote is about Shareef Abdur-Rahim, whom the Trail Blazers have yet to trade even after Abdur-Rahim, who makes $14.6 million, told them he wanted to be gone.

"We are absolutely asking for a trade. I think they (the Blazers) will oblige our request. If they don't, it becomes an ugly situation, because Shareef doesn't return to Portland."

Meaning a holdout? "Yes."

Here's the kicker: Both quotes are by agent Aaron Goodwin. Goodwin represents Payton and Abdur-Rahim.

Am I the only one here who sees a certain inconsistency?

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