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Banks Back To Boston!

Thank you once again Bill Simmons:

Okay, here's the tweak:

We get to keep Banks. We get to keep the No. 2. They throw in more cash.

What do they get? Jumaine Jones.

I'm not making this up.

Repeat: We get to keep Banks.

So the revised deal looks like this: Payton, Fox and a No. 1 for Mihm, Jones and Atkins.

That's how scared the Lakers were about getting stuck with a pissed-off GP.

Danny is officially a genius.

PS: I can't tell you who the Token White Guy is yet... I will say that his name was floated on this board in the past 8 hours.

So much for the slow news day! I love it. Hope Banks isn't bitter about being dealt, but I love getting him back.

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