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Been a long, weird week. Hopefully Payton is enjoying his cruise. Perhaps we'll see him holding up a Celtics "20" jersey soon. In the meantime, here are some hits from around the league (I'm too lazy to post the links, but they are easy enough to find).

- Shareef Abdur-Rahim for Wally Szczerbiak deal is not dead yet. Might be a better option for them than Ricky Davis if attitude is still a concern, but Wally makes a lot of coin. We'll see how it develops. Wally could also go to the Knicks, where they really don't care about contracts.

- Gugliotta will likely sign with Minnesotta. Rebraca already signed with the Clips for less money than the C's were offering in order to be with Jaric, who I think is from his country. (if I'm wrong on the details, feel free to correct me) So there goes that rumor from a few days ago about our possible Mihm replacements. Word out of Doc Rivers is that they were really impressed with Kendrick's defense in summer leagues. Better hope so if he's the only backup to Blount.

- Nets now officially have Eric Williams and Ron Mercer to replace Kenyon Martin and Kerry Kittles. Good luck with that.

- Griz may be looking to land Dampier or Curry in a trade. Maybe once Damp gets dealt or signed, the market will open up a little bit more.

- That's all I've got so far today, wake me up when someone sees Gary row to shore.

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