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Looks like my first guess was right. From Bill Simmons:


Can't believe you guys didn't figure that out with the white guy hint and the 80's hint (the only 2 crowd reactions from that whole decade were "Cheeeeeeef" and "Dooooooooooo."

It's a 1-year deal. he just likes Danny. A lot of these guys seem to have affection for Danny.

Its official now:

"We're getting a very versatile player," said Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge who coached Gugliotta in Phoenix. "Along with his versatility, I think his physical and mental toughness are his greatest assets."

"He is a guy that can play a little bit of center in a pinch for Doc (Rivers)," continued Ainge. "He can play small forward, can play power forward. He can pass, he can shoot and create off the dribble. He's a complete basketball player. He really knows how to play the game."

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