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Shawn Marion Rumor

Sean Deveney reports:

"Rumors have linked the Celtics--who have $15 million in contracts that expire at the end of the season after trading for PG Gary Payton--to Suns SF Shawn Marion. Phoenix, having just signed PG Steve Nash and SG Quentin Richardson, is facing the prospect of G/F Joe Johnson becoming a free agent next summer and a maximum-dollar extension for PF Amare Stoudemire. Creating payroll space is a necessity for Phoenix, and Marion is the most likely target. But the Suns would like to find help at center, and the Celtics can't help them do that without getting a third team involved in a trade. . . ."

If expiring contracts and maybe a pick would do it, I'm all for it. Thanks for the heads up Bent.

Shawn is on the trading block, but most reports I've heard say that they are looking for a big man in return. They might be thinking they can get a big man with the extra cash they'll have next year, but I'm sure they'd rather have him this year. So maybe a 3 team deal could be worked out? Dampier?

Salary wise, if it really was straight up for Marion, he only makes $11.3M, so two of our expiring salaries, and maybe a throw in (McCarty?) would work out. If we got Marion without using Payton, would he be more inclined to think of us as a contender (despite being on the East coast)?

I like this rumor becuase it would certainly give Paul a great running mate. I don't know what the look of the team would be, because I'm not sure what parts we would have to give up in a trade to make it happen. But clearly, if all it took was expiring salaries, we'd still have plenty of moveable pieces left to fill in the blanks for a contending team. Interesting times. Can't wait till the next thing comes up (probably the free agent today).

Update: OK, everything you read here on down is my own speculation, so you've been warned. I really think a 3 team trade could work. Think about it. Marion makes around $11M. C's can match that in expiring salaries. Dampier is being offered $40 Mil. over 4 years by the Hawks. Thats around $10 Mil. a year. Sign and trade Dampier to the Suns for their big man and Dampier gets more than the Hawks offer (and doesn't have to play for the Hawks). Send Marion to the Celts. Celts send two expiring contracts of Golden State's choice, plus a pick for incentive. Everyone's happy, right? If Payton wants to be on the West coast, then this is a way to get him there. If he could be convinced that Marion makes us a contender, then he can stay and we send Fox and Yogi (depending on what Golden State wants). Obviously I'm dreaming, but its fun to dream from time to time.

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