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Danny On Full-Time Spin Control

I guess he really must be done with dealing if he's talking to the media this much. Danny was on WEEI again and this poster jotted down what he heard. Rather than plagiarize what he wrote (even if it is just summary of what Danny said), I'll just let you follow the link and see for yourself. The stuff about GP is encouraging. Maybe he'll play after all. If he's really going to address the Boston media soon, I'd definitely like to hear that. Also, if Danny really is done (pending the GP situation), then it might actually be time to sit down and analyze the current team going into training camp.

Update: Here it is from Boston Sports Media Watch

Danny Ainge was on with John Dennis and Steve DeOssie on WEEI this morning and one of the things he mentioned was that he tried very hard to keep in touch with Banks throughout the process, but that the second year guard was a very hard person to get a hold of. He said he left numerous messages with him and his agent and tried to keep him informed throughout. He says things are good now between them, a view Banks agrees with in the Springer article. Ainge also said that he thinks Gary Payton will eventually report, he thinks Payton will have a session with the Boston media sometime in the next 10 days or so. He called Delonte West a Mike Bibby/Chris Mullin type player, in that he's very under control, smart and deliberate, but also very athletic. He had very good reports on Tom Gugliotta, feeling that he is completely over his health issues, and feels he can play 80 games this year. He was also high on Raef LaFrentz, feeling that he is going to be good for 75 games. Ainge said towards the end of the conversation that the only team in the East that he feels that he would concede is better at this point would be the Pistons. He feels the Celtics are right there with everyone else in the East.

There's also a link to this Gary Payton story by the Eagle Tribune.

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