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No hard feelings for Banks - No hard feelings for Banks:

"I'm glad to be back in Boston," said Banks yesterday. "I never wanted to go anywhere in the first place. I was a little frustrated, because I was wondering, `What was the point of the deal?' But Danny explained it to me. Basically, to make the team better, he had to make moves.

I gotta say, this was a well-timed, well-done piece by Shira. The first thought I had when we got Banks back (after "Lakers got hosed") was "I wonder how Banks will react." Well, the kid got a quick lesson on growing up. Now he's much more of a vet and understands the business side of this game a lot better. This could be the defining point of his young career. Either its a wake-up call, or the first of many stumbling blocks. Its up to him to make it into a positive. What little I know about the kid is that he's got at least a healthy amount of (if not too much) swagger. Some with that kind of attitude could settle into a pathetic "the world is against me, so I'll pitch a fit" demeanor. But the great ones take these challenges and get stronger from it. Marcus has all the physical tools to be great. We'll just have to see if these events are a blessing or a curse for him.

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