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Chad Ford Chatting Again

Doug (RI): Chad, Will we see G. Payton in Green this season? If not does he still have any trade value?

Chad Ford: (1:39 PM ET ) He claims he's going to refuse to report to Boston. The Celtics and Lakers believe him, that's why they altered the trade. Payton still has value. A team like the Heat, Rockets, Pacers or Mavericks could really use him as they make a run at the title.

Cheryl (Miami): I don't understand, Chad! How could Gary play for someone else if he decides not to show up in Boston? Who does he "belong" to? Will Celts have to trade him or Lakers? Please answer

Chad Ford: (1:46 PM ET ) Sorry for the confusion there. If he doesn't report, he loses his salary and the Celtics still own his rights. They'd have to trade him.

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