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Trade Gary Contest

Let's have some fun: Go to the RealGM trade checker and think up the best (reasonable) trades sending Gary Payton out of town. Post them here for bragging rights. There are no cash prizes, just the praise and admiration of your peers and 15 minutes of fame.

Some rules/guidelines:

1. Trades should be relatively even. Draft picks and cash can be used as incentive. These trades will be graded on reasonableness - so "Waltah for Yao" trades are out of the question.

2. Team we trade with should have a need for Gary. This could mean "needs a PG for a title run." Example: Heat, Rockets, Pacers, Mavericks, etc. Or it could mean: "wants to clear cap space." Example: Clips. Bonus points for getting him closer to home in Cali.

3. Winner will be chosen by hagrid and I. We both gladly accept bribes.

4. Post your entries using the Comments link. Multiple entries are welcome, but please limit to 3 per person.

I'm still working on the details, but we'll announce the winner sometime next week. We may even give credit for "most-creative." I'll personally take the winning entry and email the Celtics, the Globe, the Herald with the idea (and of course post it on We'll do everything we can to put it in front of Danny's eyes short of slipping it under the door at the Fleet.

If anyone actually predicts the trade before it happens, I'll hand over the keys for for a day to that person (or I might quit altogether).

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