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Scoring Champ Walker?

If you don't have Insider, you can't read this story. And that's a shame because it is one of those things that make you laugh at the absurdity of it, then you think, "well, I guess that COULD happen."

The premise is simple: Walker is a scorer, has no shyness in putting up high volumes of shots, and has no team around him. So Walker could be next year's scoring champ! He even sites reasons for others to struggle (McGrady will defer to Yao, Kobe's trial, etc.). To me, saying he'll be the champ is going a bit far (but it is a great way to sell an article to an audience), but I think its clear that he'll have every opportunity to score in bunches. It might take 40 shots to score 24 a game, but it could happen.

No wonder 'Toine is smiling.

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