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He Got Game

Intrigued by SportsGuy's idea to trade for Ray Allen but don't know much about him? With perfect timing, out comes an article detailing the entire Seattle situation.

Basically he would like max money but the team would rather pay him Rasheed money. If things don't get worked out this summer, they have the option to let him walk and have $20M in salary space.

Reading into it a bit, I would assume that if they were ready to let him walk, they might consider a deal for expiring salaries and a player and/or picks. They'd still have cap room and they'd get something extra for him.

No, there won't be a "Trade for Ray Allen" contest anytime soon, but I'm sure all you wanna-be GM's are already working the checker to see what can be done. Here's a hint: he's got the same salary as Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

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