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Rock the Vote!

The long awaited results of our Trade Gary Contest are in. There were just too many quality trades for us to pick just one, so we are leaving it up to you. Here are your finalists. Pick your winner. Please don't vote for yourself. Ballot stuffers will be mocked and disqualified.


To Seattle: Ricky Davis, Gary Payton, Michael Stewart

To Boston: Ray Allen, Antonio Daniels

Jeff comment: GP and RD is a steep price, but come on, this is Jesus Shuttleworth!


To LA Clippers: Gary Payton, #1

To Boston: Chris Wilcox, Marco Jaric

Jeff comment: Good, young PF and PG combo.

Poker (Mitch)

To Seattle: Gary Payton

To Boston: Vladimir Radmanovic, Reggie Evans, Antonio Daniels

Jeff comment: Daniels strikes me as one of those young PG's just about ready to "get it."


To Dallas: Gary Payton, Walter McCarty

To Boston: Jason Terry

Jeff comment: He's no PG, but he can fill it up.


To LA Clippers: Gary Payton, Ricky Davis

To Boston: Elton Brand

Jeff comment: Only reasonable if Clips are really, really cheap. Ding!

Honorable Mention:

Motown: Payton, Banks, Fox, Yogi, 2 #1’s for Jason Kidd

FFSBasketball: Payton, Fox, Stewart for Jalen Rose

44caliberThrila: Payton, Stewart for Szczerbiak, Madsen

By the way, in the process of this whole thing, word has come out that GP might be willing to stay and be a Celtic. In my mind (and in hagrid's), that would be the best situation of all. So all of this is taken with a grain of salt. In other words, all these trades are based on "If Gary is still adamant about being traded..."

May the best trade win. Track the results here. Ballots close at noon on Friday.

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