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Chad Doesn't Think Much of Celts

From his chat:

Greg (Toronto): Hey Chad, I agree with you rankings in the west. But what do you forsee happening in the East, everyone predicts Detroit, Indy, Miami as the top 3, but after that there are a lot of teams fighting for 4th-8th... Which teams do you think are playoff contenders? and who do you think will have the 4th best yearly record?

Chad Ford: 1. Detroit 2. Indy 3. Miami -- you're right after that is gets really tough. A handful of teams should be competing for the playoffs. The Nets, Cavs, Bulls, Bucks, Knicks, Wizards and Sixers should be the other teams that compete for playoff berths. As far as order goes . . . I have no idea. All of them have pretty fatal flaws. So much for the arguement that the East has caught up with the West.

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