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We Have A Winner

The saga ends. Congrats to Walter_Sucks for proposing the trade that was voted best of the lot. I'll prepare the emails and let you know if I hear anything back. Here are the results:

Walter_Sucks 40% 68

Hoops 25% 43

Poker (Mitch) 11% 18

timepiece33 9% 16

Stalefish 14% 24

169 votes total

As for the contest itself, I knew the love-fest would not last for long. Everyone who wasn't picked now hates me. That's ok, I can take it. I will stand up proud and strong and say "It was all hagrid's fault." Seriously, it was all for fun and I did the best I could to be fair.

I personally liked this trade a lot because it would bring in Ray Allen and a point guard. Seattle could be considering moving Ray because of the contract situation. Perhaps Seattle wouldn't want Gary back, but you never know. There are dozens of issues like this for each trade proposal. Things like length of contract, personality conflicts, stlye of play, Gary's temperment, etc. That's why you can always shoot down trade proposals. There's an unlimited amount of ammo. But I think its a pretty good proposal. Well done Walter_Sucks.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled ranting about the Celtics.

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