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Why You'll STILL Love Marcus Banks

About this time last year I wrote an article about Marcus Banks based on his summer league exploits. My analysis was simple, the kid was a breath of fresh air and seemed to fit the Danny Ainge push-it-up gameplan. He was just flat out fun to watch.

He was our PG of the future, and something happened on the way to tomorrowland, but that doesn't mean it won't still happen. I preached patience then, and I'll preach it again. Sure, Danny was ready to give up on him, and he might still be ready to. But as long as he's a Celtic, he's still our most gifted young point guard. Delonte may be more polished, and may someday take the job for himself, but there are things that Marcus can do that Delonte won't ever be able to.

Marcus can run circles around anyone on our roster. He's got a nose for the ball and an in-your-face defensive intencity. He also has little if any outside shot and coughs up the ball as much as he swipes it. Can he develop that shot? Can he cut down on his mistakes? I think so, yes. In time.

The only question for me is his head. Forgetting for a moment that he was hurt deeply by being traded twice in a week. He still has an ego the size of Nevada (in a good way) that drives him to prove to everyone how great he is. How is he going to cope with sharing the backup role with West? Even if Gary doesn't show, how is he going to handle it if West is named the starter? In such a senario, I think it has been mentioned that Jiri would provide some support at the position as well. None of which bodes too well for the young man.

However, since it is the offseason, and now is the time for optimism, I'll say this: If Doc and Danny really are committed to the fast break, Marcus still has the potential to push the rock better than anyone on the team. Even if he's only used as a change-of-pace point like Bobby Jackson, that's a valuable role player on a team that is going to need contributions from everyone.

So he may no longer be the point guard of the future. But he may be the spark that we need off the bench. And he'll still be fun to watch (as soon as he learns to hang onto the ball).

Disclaimer: I held out hope for Kedrick Brown till about mid season of last year. I have a real blind spot for young talent and I could seriously be wrong on this one too.

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