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Guest Rant by Ugh

Here is an article, ...well, really a good old fashioned rant, by a man affectionately known as "Ugh."

I sit here in my broken down chair at work, wondering why my back hurts so much, pondering the latest lame attempt by Shira Springer to write a thought provoking article. As she drones on about the same old players, this time being the 3rd year in a row she has written about Travis "Not the" Best and Kenny "kid get out of my way" Anderson, I started to think about all the players that have left the team the past couple years. Shira, Peter May, and WEEI continue to pound home what a beautifully balanced and well coached team that ALMOST made the Finals a couple years ago and how they were SO CLOSE to being a powerhouse….or so they seem to believe.

Well, being of sound mind and somewhat sound body, I have read and chatted and posted about everything that existed in the C’s world and need to express myself in another forum today. My thoughts go to that brilliant team and the following one to ponder how this organization will ever make it back to respectability after the moves the past two years. Here is my synopsis….starting with Shira’s pets:

Jim O'Brien – decent coach that got the respect of his players, but when the going got tough, he quit. He lied to Ainge telling him he would follow his plan and play the young guys while trying to be competitive. It began with a great first two weeks of the season, but slowly ground down to the typical Obieball we all came to know and hate. How can we forget the famous line of "I want my team to take the quick three so we can save our energy for defense"??????

Antoine Walker – I appreciated him for two things: Never missing a game and being positive even when things were baaaaaad. But, never improving either his game or approach to the game ("I am a veteran all star") made a potential great player into just a good one. Unfortunately, his career may be a Shakespearian dirge due to Obie, who allowed and pushed Walker into the direction he has taken. A real coach could have taken a young Walker and produce a Pippen like star….or something close. Now he is on his 3rd team in a year and still doesn’t understand why people cringe when they hear him say "I am a volume scorer"….??? He didn’t fit with the C’s team concept, he didn’t fit in with Dallas’ team concept, and now has a chance to ‘the man’ again…good luck.

Eric ‘Evill Williams – A competent player with decent skills. He tried his best and could have been a very good low post player. But due to injuries and never developing the short jumper, never got over that hump. He was overused by an untrusting Obie who preferred broken down veterans to snotty nosed kids, and it may have shortened his career. He was touted as the ‘strong veteran defensive stopper’ and needed locker room presence. Cleveland thought that too when they traded for him only to bench him a few weeks later. A good guy off the bench, but not a 30 minute guy anymore.

Ketrickankle Brown – Sorry, but after two years in the NBA and you are only the 4th best player on the SUMMER LEAGUE team, it is time to move on. On his third team in 8 months, we all are still trying to figure out what Chris Wallace saw in him that he didn’t see in Richard Jefferson, Troy Murphy, Jason Collins, Tony Parker, Vladamir Rodmonivic, Zach Randolph, Samuel Dalembert, Jamaal Tinsley, Ohmet Okur, or Gilbert Arenas. He doesn’t get it and never will. He has lived on his athletism alone and now he doesn’t have that since coming into the summer league 20lbs overweight.

Tony Battie – Remember this guy was the 5th pick in the entire draft in 97. Another typical athletic player that just didn’t get it. His best numbers were in his rookie year, which shows just how hard he tried to improve himself. Nice guy, but had no off-season drive. His best year with the C’s was 7.5 points and 6.5 rebounds, AND HE WAS THE STARTING CENTER. Add bad knees to the mix and the fact he would never have the necessary operations to get them fixed, and you have another lost talent. Good guy but Ed Pickney was his superior.

Tony "Alien" Delk – Too small for sg, so let’s make a bad dribbling, bad passing player into a pg. Sorry, just doesn’t work in the NBA. And he wasn’t as consistent with his jumper to start him.

Joe Forte – What a waste……..

Rodney Rogers – signed with NJ and then proceeded to eat his way to the bench. Never more then a role player, for some reason was looked at as a necessary part for a championship run. The guy was a pf that preferred to stay at the 3 point line instead of being down low. No thanks….

Bruno Sundov - ????

JR Bremmer – Good start, bad ending. Probably Obie’s only shot at developing a young player and that was only due to injuries and Delk’s total ineptitiude at pg.

Reuben Wolokowski – yawn

Darius Songalia – Oh, yeah, this is another one that ‘got away’. Sure, we really miss his 4.6 points and 3.1 rebounds. Relax, I don’t think we will be watching him the All Star game anytime soon.

Brandon Hunter – Hard worker, just too short. Once teams began to put a body on him, he lost his effectiveness. He may be a good role player, but will never be an impact player.

Jumaine Jones – If it wasn’t for his early season injury last year, he may have gotten a better chance to play. I liked his potential, but never show it later on when healthy.

Chris Mihm – Hard worker that will take it to the hole with authority…unfortunately, his only shot is the dunk. Fouls too much, has no offense, and admitted to not being able to understand the defense last year may indicate a low basketball intelligence. He has potential to be a good player or another Travis Knight.

Vin Baker – Ainge did a great job to reduce the financial obligations to this ungrateful piece of garbage. After taking the C’s money for two years and agreeing to a deal in good faith, he turns around and sues the C’s for his entire contract while playing for another team AFTER breaking his agreement. I understand his addiction, but there is no excuse for being a greedy, despicable, liar. I used to be a big supporter, but all I can say now is good riddance. He is on the Knicks now which is a punishment of itself.

Joe Johnson – Well, this one could hurt. He seems to be playing well now, but it has taken him 2 ½ years to do so. He still has to prove he is the real deal, but it would appear he is.

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