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Quick Shots

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I'm sure most of you are aware that Baron Davis's agent is "exploring options". I can't think of a scenario that would bring him to Boston, but you are welcome to speculate.

A lot is made of Banks vs. West, Jiri vs. Davis. Makes me wonder if pairing them up would be beneficial. Banks and Davis complement each other on the break, while West and Jiri complement each other when circumstances call for a controlled attack. Just a thought.

I think I remember one Houston newspaper saying the Rockets were talking separately with Boston and Chicago trying to get either Payton or Mutumbo and were leaning towards Mutumbo. Looks like that might be the case.

Mike Kahn at CBS Sportsline ranks Paul Pierce the number 2 small forward in the league (behind Ron Artest). These rankings mean nothing, but its nice to see him get some cred. Interesting to see his name above Peja.

Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics, presuming you consider him a small forward and not a shooting guard, is the toughest inside/outside scorer at this position.

His strength and ability to score inside or outside are unparalleled, and it will be interesting to see how he copes with the ever-changing roster of the Celtics.

Update: I just looked at his 2003 rankings, he has Mashburn ranked number 1 and includes Antoine Walker (4th) and Shareef Abdur-Rahim (5th) who are power forwards (sort of). I've got a ranking for Mike Kahn. Credibility ranking: Low

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