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Blount Ready to Battle Marquee Centers?

Ok, so it's a Shira article, but it brings what should be viewed as excellent news:

"Mourning and the Nets are understandably cautious, particularly considering the physical pounding that comes with the center position.

But Blount believes Mourning will hold up, and he has a better idea than most. Blount spent much of the summer working out and scrimmaging with Mourning and other NBA players in Southern Florida. For the last couple offseasons, Mourning has been a mentor to Blount, but their workouts remain competitive."

Not a big surprise that Blount continues to exemplify a great work ethic. Right now, we have to assume that he's scrimmaging a fair healthy Zo Mourning, who's probably not worn down by everyday travel, long season schedule, etc.

That means quality workouts against one of the best in the game (when healthy) for Blount. That can only bode well for the Celtics in the coming season.

Blount has shown both flashes of brilliance against some of the better Centers in the league. He's also seemingly disappeared at times as well.

Battling against one of the best all summer, coming off what appreared to be a break through half season (after the departure of Jim O'Brien. Coincidence? This Celtic fan doesn't think so), it stands to reason that Celtic fans can hold high hopes that our post positions won't be nearly as big of a short coming for the team as it has in past seasons.

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