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Paul Making Boston His Home

Don't be surprised if you see Paul at your local Home Depot in the near future:

Observers have wondered how the Celtics' rebuilding plan was wearing on SG Paul Pierce, who was disappointed by the wave of transactions that broke up the roster and led to the resignation of coach Jim O'Brien last season. Rumors have circulated that the Celtics will look to trade Pierce and that he would welcome a deal. But team owner Wyc Grousbeck, who serves on the board of Pierce's "Runway 34" charity event, reports that Pierce is building a new house just outside Boston. "We want him here, and he wants to stay," Grousbeck says

On the other hand, Drew Bledsoe build a money house right before passing the baton to Brady. Plus, given that Paul also has a place in Nevada and probably L.A., maybe he's just into real estate. On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to make the man feel welcome and at home. So when you see him, don't ask for an autograph. Give him a tip on how to seal his roof for the New England weather, or which plants grow best during the short summer. Try not to mention how warm it must be on the West Coast.

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