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No News is Bad News?

I'm all for giving people a vacation. The NBA season is long and the offseason can sometimes be more work for reporters than the games. But isn't there some sort of summer intern program at the Globe or Herald that could put up the occasional story during the dog days of summer? I realize there is limited space in the hard copy paper, and we need that in-depth article about the Red Sox ball boy. But couldn't there be an online space just for the Celtics? Oh yeah, that's what I'm here for. Anyway...

No news sounds like bad news to me on these fronts:

1. Gary hasn't addressed the Boston media yet. The guy marches to the beat of a different drummer, but even he has to know that if he's going to play in Boston, it would be a really good idea to make nice with the local media and especially the fans. So far, no peep. So our last impression of him is that of a man complaining to a guy at a bar that turned out to be a reporter for a small Cali newspaper. Come on Gary. You have a legion of fans just dying to love you. Don't dismiss them.

2. Raef hasn't addressed the media either. There isn't as pressing a need for him to talk. However, if I was in his shoes (or rather, braces), and I knew that I was ready for the season, I think that I would invite someone like Shira to come to my house, watch me do wind sprints and shuttle drills so she could write a fluffy, feel-good story about my comeback trail. I don't know if we'll know for sure about his condition before training camp.

On the flipside, no news also means nobody got in trouble with the law, nobody broke any bones in a freak "swimming pool" accident, and Paul Pierce isn't on the trading block (we hope). So we wait...

How long till camp starts?

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