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Paytons Camp Fires Back

Well folks, looks like theres more to this drama than we thought.

This is the statement from Paytons Agents:

"Goodwin Sports Management speaking about Gary Payton in response to the arrest story: (6:45PM ET, Thursday) "Gary Payton was detained by the California Highway Patrol on August 28, 2004, after he tried to exit a gridlocked freeway. Two lanes of the freeway had been shut down as the result of a major traffic accident. Mr. Payton voluntarily provided a breath test and was thereafter immediately released without being booked or having to post bail. According to Barry T. Simons, Mr. Payton's Laguna Beach Attorney, Gary was not impaired or under the influence, and the evidence will show that he was under the legal limit at the time he was driving. Mr. Simons also noted that roadside field sobriety testing is notoriously unreliable, even when properly administered by police. According to Mr. Simons, that was not done in this case"

There's some pretty contradictory stuff being released by his management team that doesn't even come close to what was originally reported by NBC Sports.

He was reportedly never brought to the station, never released in the custody of his wife and never given a second test (since he was never at the station.

Thier defense right now seems to be that the police administering the test were incompetent. The good ole' "LAPD defense", I guess.

Either way, stay tuned Celtic fans, this ones not over.

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